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Tires aren’t one size fits all, and there are dozens of options to choose from, so where do you start? You pick up the phone and call the tire sales authorities at Pit Stop in Port Charlotte, FL. Our family of companies has helped customers choose the perfect tire for 25 years, and our team is ready to help you. Whether you need a performance tire, touring tire, off-road tire, or are looking to replace your OE tires, we have a tire to fit your vehicle, lifestyle, and budget. Tires don’t last the lifespan of your car, even with good tire care. Signs that it’s time to replace your tires include visible tire damage, uneven tread wear, bulges or bubbles, a damaged valve stem, or a cut or crack in the sidewall. If you spot any of these indicators during a visual inspection or your TPMS sensor indicates low air pressure, drive over to Pit Stop and let our technicians do a quick inspection. It’s not about the tire sales for us. It’s about doing what’s necessary to keep you and your family safe on the road, whether you need one tire, four tires, or a simple wheel alignment.

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